A Revolution in Benefits Technology

KELLY sets a new standard in benefits management with state-of-the-art technology.

Technology has always been a part of KELLY’s legacy. Since 1998, our technology solutions have helped brokers maintain and grow their businesses and support their clients’ needs, and been a proven resource, delivering comprehensive benefits administration to employers of all sizes.

KELLY continues to set new standards with a technology product that streamlines processes, and connects brokers, employers, and carriers with the data they need — when they need it. KTBSonline serves both employers and KELLY brokers. It serves as an employer portal for enrollment and management of employee benefits, as well as a broker portal that provides access to exclusive tools and services, such as a quoting engine, compensation and benefits management, and commission management.

Key areas of focus — the big picture

KELLY technology focuses on four primary areas in an effort to serve our brokers and clients:

  • Efficiency - our technology solutions provide tangible benefits as employers and brokers engage with our services — for example, streamlining enrollment processes gets employees enrolled sooner, and self-serve enrollment takes the enrollment responsibility off the HR team.
  • Access - data access is critical in today’s environment. Our technology provides immediate access to data.
  • Engagement – we align our online solutions with the employer’s workflow, enabling employees and employers to engage with their data at relevant times, and within the context of the work being done — simplifying work, and saving time and energy.
  • Interoperability - our systems seamlessly integrate with other systems, including EDI, Web Service and SSO interfaces with carriers, Payroll/HRIS integrations with clients, and other IT-centric applications. KELLY’s technology is able to connect to a variety of systems, which allows us to serve the needs of a diverse client base.

KELLY’s proprietary technology, KTBSonline, is powered by a team of experts dedicated to developing innovative solutions to make your business better.



Technology for Brokers

Technology for Brokers

KTBSonline delivers virtually everything you need to grow and serve your client base—helping you save time, control costs, and maximize value.

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Managing Company Benefits

Managing Company Benefits

Manage your company’s benefits more efficiently and engage with your employees through KTBSonline.

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