COBRA Administration — Reducing Work and Risk

A complex web of rules and regulations, piles of paper and unyielding deadlines — COBRA administration can be confusing and difficult.

Thanks to KELLY Administrative Services, you can provide and administer COBRA coverage easily and effortlessly — because we take care of it for you. From the moment an employee separates from your company:

  • We handle every COBRA-related interaction with a firm yet fair approach, eliminating possible awkward encounters with former employees.
  • We monitor the variance between state and federal regulations and remove the tedious task of researching off your plate.
  • We can perform billing-only service for COBRA or state continuation subscribers at no cost to your organization. We charge a 2% premium administration fee to the subscriber while also providing them with customer service assistance.

Off Your Plate, Onto Ours — for Peace of Mind

KELLY offers a complete scope of services through KELLY’s COBRA/State Continuation Administration, so you can rest easy knowing your employees are covered and you’re in compliance.

Among our services is sending out General Notices of COBRA/State Continuation Rights to all new subscribers and covered spouses, monitoring eligibility and premium payment compliance, setting up billing accounts for COBRA/State Continuation subscribers, and providing KELLY Call Center customer service to both employers and participants.

KAS can reduce your COBRA Administration burden, so you can focus on what you do best.

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