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Experience the KELLY Summer Internship Program.

KELLY’s 10-week summer internship program provides an opportunity to rising college juniors and seniors interested in learning to grow as leaders through their faith, in focused sales, operational, administrative or community-based programs. You will spend your summer receiving on-the-job training, learning from others through networking and ultimately making an impact on your team.

Summer interns will play a key role in advancing our mission of making all of us Better through passion, positivity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

By interning at KELLY, you will learn how to:

  • Develop strong networking and mentoring relationships through engagement with our Senior Leadership and Management teams; and
  • Acquire new learning through challenging and meaningful work experiences, gain skills and knowledge, and experience the value of client service; and
  • Contribute to our community outreach programs and embrace the significance of giving back.


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KELLY Summer Internship Program

You will experience first-hand what it’s like to work for a fast-paced and innovative company through our culture and values. By learning valuable workplace skills, you will build a solid foundation for a successful career. Watch the video to hear about the experiences of former KELLY summer interns in their own words.


What’s the best part of the KELLY Summer Internship Program?
There’s more than just one.

Read what our past summer interns are saying!

“The amount of time, money, and resources invested in the interns here at KELLY was amazing. Everything from the meetings with Senior Leaders, to the tour of the State House, to the service day was great.”


“The service trip to Living Classrooms and Helping Up Mission. It is great to see that the company values helping the community and donating their time.”


“The Senior Leader meetings. Everyone has so much knowledge and advice to share and I feel that I learned so much from conversing with them. It also shows how much this company cares about its future success. The heads of the company took the time to meet with the interns and I'm positive that doesn't happen many other places.”


“For me, the best part of the KELLY internship experience was definitely the work I was allowed to do. I was trusted with important projects that pushed me to be better and allowed me to take pride in. Really having solid professional work to add to my portfolio has made this experience invaluable. Also, the meeting with the (senior) leaders were amazing chances to gain firsthand advice and network.”

Application Deadline

Applications for the KELLY Summer Internship Program will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in November 2019. The final application submission deadline is February 1, 2020 at 11:59PM EST, but applicants are strongly encouraged to apply before this date. Most interviews will begin in early 2020.


Apply Here To Be Part Of The KELLY Team!



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