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Employee access to benefits and payroll information on the go!


Bring the power and convenience of KTBSonline to any mobile device. The KTBSonline mobile app, available for both Android and iPhones, provides employees easy access to their personal benefits and payroll information, and allows them to experience many of the features available on the full KTBSonline site. The app is free and available to all KTBSonline users.


Access essential benefit and payroll information

With the app, employees gain quick access to information and services, including:

  • Plan details
  • Employee and dependent information
  • Ability to email proof of coverage directly from the app
  • Ability to request real time support from customer service
  • Access always available to the full site from the app

Upload documents for benefits changes

Employees can also easily upload supporting enrollment documents for mid-year coverage changes right from their phone! The app allows users to take a picture of the documents with the smartphone camera for upload.

Essential payroll information always available

For KELLY Payroll customers, the KTBSonline mobile app will provide employees access to the last 3 pay stubs and current W-2. There’s no need for employees to contact HR for this information any longer, it is now available right on their smartphone!

Questions or need assistance?

Use the app to send a question to a KELLY Customer Service Representative and they’ll send an email with the answer! Critical contact information is also available to KELLY - a call can be placed for assistance with benefit questions right from the app.

Access to the full KTBSonline site

At any point, the full KTBSonline site is only a click away! The full site is always available to access and use.


Download the KTBSonline Mobile App Today!


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