The Honorable Francis X. Kelly, Jr. and Janet Kelly Honored with First Ever President’s Medal from Calvert Hall

25 March 2017
The Honorable Francis X. Kelly, Jr. and Janet Kelly Honored with First Ever President’s Medal from Calvert Hall

BALTIMORE, MD – On Saturday, March 25th, the Honorable Francis X. Kelly, Jr. and Janet Kelly, Co-Founders of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group were honored with the first ever inaugural President’s Medal at the Towson University SECU Arena for Calvert Hall College High School’s 2017 Gala, “Opportunity.”

The President’s Medal, instituted in 2016, acknowledges outstanding contributions to the Mission of Calvert Hall. The contributions not only include monetary donations but length of involvement with Calvert Hall, service and loyalty to the school, promotion and commitment to the school’s mission and representing Calvert Hall in the greater community.

“Frank and Janet have been passionate supporters of Calvert Hall for more than thirty years. They truly care about this institution and all of our young men. We are proud and honored to bestow the first President’s Medal upon Senator and Janet Kelly. They are a blessing to Calvert Hall and truly embody the spirit of our mission.” Brother John Kane FSC, Ed.D., of Calvert Hall College High School believes the selection of the Kelly’s as the first recipients of the President’s Medal was most appropriate.

Calvert Hall’s mission is to provide a diverse community of young men with a broad and balanced human and Christian education through excellent academic and extracurricular programs that promote leadership, achievement and service within the church and community.

The Kelly’s four sons – Frank ’82, John ’83, David ’85, Bryan ’87 – and grandsons – David ’10, Frank ’10, Patrick ’12, John ’13, Stephen ’13, Timmy ’15, Jacob ’18, Daniel ’20 - have attended Calvert Hall, creating a long line of family involvement and history at this institution.

Senator and Janet are beyond flattered to receive this medal. “Our family has experienced and benefited from the excellent education of this outstanding Christian Brothers School. We love Calvert Hall and are deeply honored and humbled with the thought of this award.”


In 1976, former Maryland State Senator Francis X. (Frank) Kelly and his wife, Janet, founded a small insurance company in the basement of their Timonium, Maryland home. Today, Kelly & Associates Insurance Group (KELLY) is the region’s leading health insurance broker/administrator, which consists of multiple companies that provide integrated total benefits, payroll and workforce management solutions for employers of every size. Senator Kelly is now the Chairman of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group and Frank Kelly III, the eldest son of Janet and Frank, serves as CEO of the KELLY companies. Frank and Janet Kelly’s other sons, John, David, and Bryan, are key leaders in the business serving in chief roles as well as presidents of KELLY’s entities and divisions.


Since 1845, Calvert Hall has provided a private Catholic college preparatory education in the Lasallian tradition. The mission of their founder, St. John Baptist De LaSalle, calls on them to be a school where academic prowess thrives, where young men are involved in their community, and where a brotherhood is created that will last a lifetime. Calvert Hall thrives in fostering Men of intellect, Men of faith, and Men of integrity.

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