Frank Kelly III Unites with Top Maryland Leaders for a Healthier Community

11 November 2016
Frank Kelly III Unites with Top Maryland Leaders for a Healthier Community

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Frank Kelly III, CEO of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group and KELLY Payroll, participated in the 3rd Annual American Diabetes Association (ADA) CEOs Stopping Diabetes Breakfast at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

The ADA and Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) CEOs Stopping Diabetes Initiative is the first step in an ongoing effort to engage CEOs who are actively promoting workforce wellness. Since its inception, the CEOs Stopping Diabetes program has begun each year with six new high-level CEOs personally leading their companies in wellness activities designed to help prevent diabetes.

Frank Kelly III, in addition to five Maryland C-Level leaders, shared their story of how they promote and implement health in the workplace. “At KELLY, we’re always looking for ways to support and encourage our People to pursue a healthy lifestyle of exercise and nutrition. A number of our employees and their family members battle diabetes every day and we’ve tried to implement voluntary fitness programs to help our People avoid being pre-diabetic or experiencing Type 2 diabetes, which is preventable with healthy lifestyle choices. Employees who are diabetic incur health care costs at an average rate of 4 times that of a non-diabetic employee and diabetes and related side effects of diabetes account for more than 15 percent of total health care spending. Ultimately, we’re trying to do our part to help employers control those costs.”

The initiative provided leadership strategies and resources to inspire healthy behaviors in the workplace and to reward these behaviors both internally and externally.  Each leader who signed on to participate in this program declared his or her personal commitment to stop the rising incidence of diabetes, increase CEO engagement in key parts of their wellness strategy, and to measure its results.

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